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Wobbly Walking

As an adult learning a new skill (e.g., piano playing), you might move your body in ways that are hesitant and uncertain. You may say “Well, this is to be expected. After all, I’m just learning. Eventually, when I know what I’m doing, I will become confident and the way I move will become secure.” […]

Why Should I Practice the Piano?

Why should I practice the piano… …if I’m never going to be great? …if I’m never going to make money from playing? …if I have more important things to do? …if I don’t love performing? …if there are dozens of people on YouTube who play better than I do? …if I’m too old? Do you […]

Sitting With Discomfort

The mind has a funny way of pulling our attention away from what’s most important. If our piano playing is going great, it might say “practicing is so much fun” or “I’m so glad I can play this well.” When that happens, it’s normal to want to continue doing what we’re doing. On the other […]

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