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Hand independence in piano playing

Hand independence is one of the most frustrating aspects of piano playing for beginners. Many students wonder how it will ever become easy to play the piano with two hands doing different things. Furthermore, even advanced students encounter these issues from time to time. When you have trouble playing your hands independently, you may feel […]

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How to improve your sight-reading

Take our sight-reading survey!This will only take a few minutes, and will help us better understand the struggles that musicians have with sight-reading. Take the survey now You can sight-read anything It is completely reasonable to want to improve your sight-reading quickly. Luckily, it is also completely doable. If you have an enjoyable, effective process, […]

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Rights for piano students

Maybe you feel like playing is too difficult. What your teacher is asking you to do just doesn’t make sense. You might say “this is too hard!” or “I can’t get it” or “I’m just bad at this”. You may get angry with your teacher, and wonder “why are you making me do this!?”. You […]

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Self-confidence and music

Playing music without self-confidence. Not much fun, is it? It can be hard to trust ourselves, hard to feel the music, and hard to get absorbed in the whole process. We think skill is necessary for confidence, and we think we need confidence in order to develop skill. Making progress feels impossible. We tend to […]

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