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Enjoy the Process and Make Progress

Enjoy the Process and Make Progress: Tips for finding that balance.

I hear this kind of question a lot: “As a musician, while practicing, how do I both enjoy the process and also ensure that I’m making progress?” It may seem like there’s a contradiction between those two, but to make progress, you do need to enjoy the process. In this article (and video), I give 4 reasons why you’re not getting as […]

What is “Fun” Supposed to Mean?

“I’m just playing for fun…” What’s this “fun” thing all about? Can’t serious things be fun? It’s as if there’s some kind of inherent contradiction. Either it’s work, or it’s fun. I guess fun means anything that isn’t work… Is this a defense mechanism? Maybe you don’t want to really commit, because then it won’t be fun? After all, […]

Tension is a CHOICE

It’s not some random force that happens to you. The reason you get tense is because you are trying really hard to get it right. It’s not because of your posture, or because of your technique is wrong, or because you’re stressed out. It would be great if there were such a simple fix. It’s because you’re trying […]