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Perfection vs. Evenness

If a piece has 1000 notes, and 5 of them are out-of-place, it can ruin the whole thing. You want a piece of music to be perfect. No blemishes. Nothing stands out or seems out-of-place. Everything is perfectly legato, or staccato, or whatever. A perfectly uniform touch. Most teachers will tell you to work extra […]

Piano for Classical Singers

Piano for Classical Singers: Making it possible by changing your mindset.

Becoming a better pianist will make you a better classical singer. I work with a lot of classical singers, and I’ve noticed they often struggle to learn music in ways that I simply don’t.  What I want to do in this article is to take my insights as a pianist, and use them to give you power. […]

Is Music Practice a Waste of Time?

If you don’t have professional aspirations (or whatever the “right” aspirations are), you might wonder: Is this worth my time? You may have lots of feelings. Guilt for being self-indulgent, frustration from making little progress, etc. Those concerns are not stupid, and you should not ignore them. Rather, you should acknowledge them. They are telling […]

Self-Esteem For Musicians

You hope you don’t make any mistakes. Why? What’s so bad about making a mistake? What will happen if you totally mess it all up?You will feel like a failure, right? But, what’s so bad about feeling like a failure? Where did you learn that being a failure was a bad thing? What would performing […]

Does it have to be this way?

Does performing create unbearable pressure for you? Or, does it create almost unbearable pressure? The kind where you’re forcing yourself to bear it? Maybe you think it has to be this way. It’s just how the classical music world is built. We all want to do a good job. Maybe you think it will never […]