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More about the waterfall technique

I would like to address some of the rationale behind the principles of the waterfall technique. The technique is seemingly too simple, but every aspect of it exists for a reason. Hopefully, this will address many common concerns. These principles I will address include: Starting really fast Going down instead of up Going down on […]

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Practice demonstration – Bach B major fugue

I’d like to demonstrate some practicing using the waterfall technique. I chose the B major fugue from Book 2 of the Well-Tempered Clavier. Although I have played many Bach fugues, this particular one was completely new to me. It is a 4-voice fugue, with a lot of complexity. Here, I show how the fugue can […]

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Rhythmic flexibility

I’d like to argue for a concept that I believe is sadly lacking in most music studios. For lack of a better term, I will call this rhythmic flexibility. Rhythmic flexibility is the complete internalization of the rhythm of a piece, to the point where it is a totally natural part of you. It’s a […]

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How to play fast scales on the piano

Many pianists struggle mightily with scales. For example, they struggle to play them fast, evenly, cleanly, and comfortably. It is also common to have issues with either the left hand going down the keyboard, or the right hand going up the keyboard. Scale-playing certainly did not come easily to me, which is why I spent […]

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How do I get rid of tension?

Many pianists complain of excess tension while they are playing. It seems to prevent fluid playing, causes pain and injury, and basically ruins any chance of fun at the piano. What can we do about this problem? Common beliefs about tension I would like to present a few commonly-held beliefs about tension, and some alternative […]

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