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Music is NOT Frustrating

There’s no such thing as a difficult piece. Come on. Where does this idea even come from? OK, I know this sounds crazy, so let me try to put it into a little bit more context. When you say “this is piece is so difficult!”, what are you trying to say? Do you mean “if […]

Enjoying Your Mistakes

You have to enjoy your mistakes. This is non-negotiable. If you are spending all your time trying to prevent mistakes, this whole thing is going to become a drag, and sooner or later, you will just quit. Or worse…you won’t. “But, how can I enjoy my mistakes!? I hate making mistakes!” You will enjoy your […]

Big Picture vs. Details

You can’t have it both ways. Either you are concerned about the big picture, or you are concerned about the little tiny details. Or, you could be focused somewhere in between. The point is, you can only focus on one thing at a time. Either you’re trying to play that note correctly, or you’re trying […]

How to Learn Anything

Learning a skill does not have to be so complicated. It’s true that some might be harder to learn than others. If you want to learn to fly a plane, or do brain surgery, or install power lines, yeah, you might need careful supervision. But learning to play a musical instrument? It’s not that hard. […]

Perfection vs. Evenness

If a piece has 1000 notes, and 5 of them are out-of-place, it can ruin the whole thing. You want a piece of music to be perfect. No blemishes. Nothing stands out or seems out-of-place. Everything is perfectly legato, or staccato, or whatever. A perfectly uniform touch. Most teachers will tell you to work extra […]