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How do I get rid of tension?

Many pianists complain of excess tension while they are playing. It seems to prevent fluid playing, causes pain and injury, and basically ruins any chance of fun at the piano. What can we do about this problem? Common beliefs about tension I would like to present a few commonly-held beliefs about tension, and some alternative […]

Rules for practicing

Do you have a clear set of rules you follow when you practice? It may be worth experimenting with this concept: think of practicing as a game. Here are some rules I follow. This isn’t a complete list, and you certainly don’t have to follow them. But I invite you to consider them, and to […]

The waterfall technique

The waterfall technique is designed to solve all technical problems at the piano. This means all issues regarding fingering, speed, comfort, control, forearm rotation, dynamic control, weight distribution, posture, everything. That is a bold claim, I know. But, the waterfall technique is not like other piano practice methods. It is based on mindfulness meditation, and […]

Dropping your arms

The basic movement in piano playing is dropping the forearm. When I play a difficult piece, that’s what it feels like to me, just dropping my arms to the beat. Very easy. Let me now say that this article is directed mainly for beginning pianists. If you are an advanced pianist, or an advanced musician […]