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What Is the Purpose of a Metronome?

The purpose of a metronome is to help you I am tempted to say that if you don’t use a metronome regularly in your practicing You’re Doing it Wrong, but I’m sure that would be unfair. The purpose of a metronome is to help you keep one foot in the “real world.” Don’t ignore how much […]

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Interpreting poems

As someone who plays a lot of art songs, I am constantly faced with issues of poetic interpretation. Is there a right or wrong interpretation of a poem? What would it mean for an interpretation to be right or wrong? One could say that an interpretation is right if it accounts for every detail in […]

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Why musicians should have opinions

As artists, should we always have opinions? Why do some people have opinions and some don’t? Should everyone have an opinion, or should we leave opinions to those who have enough knowledge and evidence to back up those opinions? Are those opinions ever right or wrong? When I was a little kid, I was taught […]

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When Your Student Hasn’t Practiced

It is not at all rare for a student to cancel their lesson because they haven’t practiced that week. Apparently, this seems to be a reasonable attitude. After all, if the student didn’t practice, are we just going to repeat whatever we did last week? The teacher will chastise the student for not practicing, and […]

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