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What is “Fun” Supposed to Mean?

“I’m just playing for fun…” What’s this “fun” thing all about? Can’t serious things be fun? It’s as if there’s some kind of inherent contradiction. Either it’s work, or it’s fun. I guess fun means anything that isn’t work… Is this a defense mechanism? Maybe you don’t want to really commit, because then it won’t be fun? After all, […]

Is Music Practice a Waste of Time?

If you don’t have professional aspirations (or whatever the “right” aspirations are), you might wonder: Is this worth my time? You may have lots of feelings. Guilt for being self-indulgent, frustration from making little progress, etc. Those concerns are not stupid, and you should not ignore them. Rather, you should acknowledge them. They are telling […]

Self-Esteem For Musicians

You hope you don’t make any mistakes. Why? What’s so bad about making a mistake? What will happen if you totally mess it all up?You will feel like a failure, right? But, what’s so bad about feeling like a failure? Where did you learn that being a failure was a bad thing? What would performing […]