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Rights for piano students

Maybe you feel like playing is too difficult. What your teacher is asking you to do just doesn’t make sense. You might say “this is too hard!” or “I can’t get it” or “I’m just bad at this”. You may get angry with your teacher, and wonder “why are you making me do this!?”. You […]

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13 really bad reasons for learning piano

Learning an instrument is a lot of trouble, so you may as well have some good reasons. You know, positive reasons, intrinsic reasons, meaning that you are not doing them to please anyone else. Now, what happens when you pick reasons and they turn out to be less than ideal? Hmmm…. Here are some examples: […]

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I didn’t practice for my lesson

It is not at all rare for a student to cancel their lesson because they didn’t practice that week. Apparently, this seems to be a reasonable attitude. After all, if the student didn’t practice, are we just going to repeat whatever we did last week? The teacher will chastise the student for not practicing, and […]

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