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Self-confidence and music

Playing music without self-confidence. Not much fun, is it? It can be hard to trust ourselves, hard to feel the music, and hard to get absorbed in the whole process. We think skill is necessary for confidence, and we think we need confidence in order to develop skill. Making progress feels impossible. We tend to […]

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Should playing feel good?

When I play the piano, I strive to make it feel good. It is no fun for me to feel like I am struggling with my body while trying to play, and the music that results from that struggle is not something I would enjoy listening to. I want to be clear that I am […]

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Looking for blind spots

In sharp contrast to the usual method of practicing, which is locating and correcting mistakes, my approach could instead be described as looking for blind spots. As always, I stress awareness over correctness. True change and improvement can only come from this place. What is a blind spot? As I have written about, there are […]

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Practice demonstration – Bach B major fugue

I’d like to demonstrate some practicing using the waterfall technique. I chose the B major fugue from Book 2 of the Well-Tempered Clavier. Although I have played many Bach fugues, this particular one was completely new to me. It is a 4-voice fugue, with a lot of complexity. Here, I show how the fugue can […]

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