Instrumentalists and Singers:

Do You Find it Hard to Get In the Zone, and Stay There?

This FREE course teaches the basic concepts of mindfulness and acceptance for musicians.

Do you wish you could play more musically, but you just can’t stay focused on the music, because you keep worrying about mistakes?

Is it too hard to get in the zone (and stay there)?

When you do make a mistake, do you get completely derailed by it. Or worse, start blaming yourself

In these 5 lessons, you'll discover:

  • Why musicians are taught to practice in a way that makes it impossible to get into the zone, and what to do instead.
  • Why you are likely blind to most of your mistakes, and how this prevents you from being able to fix them.
  • How to stay calm and balanced after making mistakes, and why you are secretly working to sabotage this.
  • The counter-intuitive move you must make if you want music to become a personally fulfilling experience.
  • How uttering a single sentence will automatically transform any practice session into a targeting exercise for staying in the zone.

Here’s what you’ll get when you Sign Up

Video Lessons

5 video lessons, explaining the basic concepts of the course.


5 printable worksheets with practical exercises, so that you can apply these techniques in your own practicing.

About the Instructor

Michael Korman

Michael Korman is a piano teacher with many years of experience playing and teaching the instrument. He has worked as a rehearsal pianist for opera productions, a vocal coach and choir director, and he has a master’s degree in piano. 

His unusual style of teaching is influenced by his background in science, meditation, and a ton of personal experimentation. He gets bored easily and he's always trying to learn a new skill.

Is this course right for me?

This course IS right for:

  • Any style of music.
  • Any instrument, including voice.
  • Musicians who want to make real changes.

This course is NOT right if:

  • You never feel derailed by mistakes.
  • You are satisfied with the status quo of music teaching.
  • You are a complete beginner.
  • You are not interested in actual personal development.


Sign up for this course if you want to learn the quickest way to remind yourself how to cut through all the distractions and get back on track. I will teach you the hidden reason you are actually causing yourself to get derailed. And why, despite your best efforts, you can't see why this is happening.

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