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Is My Piano Playing Good or Bad?

“Is my piano playing good or bad?”

If you’re asking this question, you should already know the answer to it. You are the one playing, not me.

Do you like the results you’re getting? If so, what more do you want? If not, great. Now you have an opportunity to improve something.

Stop asking other people to evaluate your playing. They can’t possibly know the answer better than you do.

“How do I improve my playing?”

This is a better question, but you might not like the answer:

Practice in such a way that your playing becomes better.

Do you have a specific, clear way of practicing that is taking you where you want to go? Most pianists don’t.

And yet, that is the only thing that matters, and the only thing that you should be evaluating.


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    Michael Korman

    Michael Korman has played the piano in opera productions and recitals, as well as directing music at a church and coaching classical singers. He draws upon his experiences with meditation and mindfulness to inform his views on music. In addition to music, Michael also holds degrees in computer science. When he's not playing the piano or meditating, he might be practicing drawing or calligraphy.