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Stop Trying to Play Better

It is not your responsibility to play better. If you knew how to do that, you would be doing it already. Are you not already doing the best you can do? Why do you expect more?

So, what’s the alternative to this mindset?

The way you play is a direct result of how you practice. Nothing else.

The only thing you should be concerning yourself with is your practicing.

If you want different results, the only thing you need to do is change how you practice. Now, there is no way to guarantee any specific results, especially if you’re asking for a big change.

But, you can never get more out than you put in.

  • Do you know what results you’re getting?
  • Do you know what results you’re trying to get?
  • Do you know if you’re practicing correctly?
  • Do you even have a specific way of practicing? (I mean really specific, concrete exercises!)

Or, is your practice time only spent on “trying to play it better”?

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    Michael Korman

    Michael Korman has played the piano in opera productions and recitals, as well as directing music at a church and coaching classical singers. He draws upon his experiences with meditation and mindfulness to inform his views on music. In addition to music, Michael also holds degrees in computer science. When he's not playing the piano or meditating, he might be practicing drawing or calligraphy.