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Why Should I Practice the Piano?

Why should I practice the piano…

…if I’m never going to be great?

…if I’m never going to make money from playing?

…if I have more important things to do?

…if I don’t love performing?

…if there are dozens of people on YouTube who play better than I do?

…if I’m too old?

Do you love practicing the piano? Do you feel guilty about spending so much time on yourself? Maybe you don’t think it is time well spent unless it fits into a preconceived idea of what “productive” means?

This is not a conflict. You can love practicing and also feel guilty about it. You don’t have to resolve this issue.

Don’t deny your concerns. It is better to acknowledge them, rather than trying to ignore them. The guilt is there for a reason.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to do what it says.

Instead, try exploring your creative impulses. You know, whatever you love about practicing. That is where you will find the seeds of enthusiasm. Nurture those, and see where they lead, without any expectations.

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    Michael Korman

    Michael Korman has played the piano in opera productions and recitals, as well as directing music at a church and coaching classical singers. He draws upon his experiences with meditation and mindfulness to inform his views on music. In addition to music, Michael also holds degrees in computer science. When he's not playing the piano or meditating, he might be practicing drawing or calligraphy.